Rediscovering NZ Innovation

Welcome to the global site of MNPG, an international innovation network and a community; solving unique problems for diverse audiences. With the goal to provide level solutions with a highly skilled team. Aiming to be a business that can change the world, MNPG follows 5 main tenets or pillars that keep us afloat: Sustainability, Direction, Knowledge, Expertise and Service. Now we consult with open innovation, hold an architectural competition, enable trends to emerge and work with outside sponsor collaborators. And in 2017, MNPG has made the shift from Digital to also the Blockchain and beyond. At this point you may be asking yourself what is the focus? Dividends, the arts, entrepreneurship and learning. There are bright things in the future, a new sense of discovery has shown the way to an effective and efficient society. MNPG is merely a line on the horizon amongst the infinite, in finite combinations that preserve our daily lives. Let us make this better.

In the MNPG Universe, scaling is not just a facet of business development, but the infrastructure to a whole new world.

How MNPG co-creates: Optimising leaders and organisations with strategy, functionality, design, business modelling and growth.
MNPG's current exploration theme is: invention - the precursor to enlightened engineering and the core of modern creative exercise.