Acclimating to Consensus

In complex ecosystems, arriving in agreement, can take time, or an understanding can be ushered in overnight. Most times, this is part of the play that is always needed in getting movement towards the delivering of an outcome. What is often negated, is that sometimes, participants are unprepared for an opposing argument, because of a lack of acclimation. This can be mended by understanding the why and the who of market action. And a consensus may not be conclusive, but it will help in other new ideas to arrive, and the departure of others. If this method is applied to other thought leadership activities, innovation can not just accelerate, but unify as a whole. A not so appealing juncture for many who are accustomed to change, but certainly necessary in the collective and community based structural norms that serve as the basis for future generational expansion and growth.

About the author: mnpg1