Adjacent Improvement

There is always something to refine, or for that matter, take away. Moving towards the side, can help shift beams of effort in the correct direction. The question then becomes what should be the focus of this new improvement? Could it be the core of the inner being? Futures yet to be decided? The course should decide its own path, but there is space for a friendly collision. The stake of the value that is created through the concluding process, is what the expert is after. Then it can become a bit easier to get back to the main work. But when this stops, there needs to be an understanding that it could be that the walk onto a new notion, may have not been necessary. What is needed, is an adjacency of the action by way of thought, so that whatever is at the end of the road, takes on a better meaning. Sure this can be an unyielding venture, although it is a must to get to the stage of discovery. And that is what makes life different from all other journeys. The journey of just the mind is one thing, but getting closer to that utmost anterior of existence can yield the greatest of learning returns, the significance of the physical why.

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