MNPG Feature: Thought Leadership

When does the practice of thought leadership become part of an optimized function? With the choice that is available to the consumer, the question then becomes how do ideas flourish and which go by the wayside? There is room for improvement always, but there is also a space for satisfaction. To get to that stage, […]

Problem 2015 Challenge Topic: Train Improvement

For the Problems 2015 Challenge, MNPG the chosen topic is, to create an innovative way to improve how trains are operated, managed, built, used, etc. Must be at least 2000 words, with supporting documentation if needed. Cash prize for the winner. All entries are to be sent to by the June 1, 2015 submission […]

MNPG Feature: A Century of Innovation?

Why do companies insist that they need to innovate? Because this emphasizes the emptiness that can be voided if there is enough inventiveness with the right collaborative functions, in a swift period, to an unsought outcome. Could this be the century of innovation? We’ve already become aware of 3D printing on the moon, the emergence […]

Call for Solutions 2015

MNPG Ideation Bank is asking for proposals of immense problems in 2015 to be solved, if there is a challenge that hasn’t been available to work on, now is a great time to start new collaboration, with professionals worldwide.