Determinants and an Exploration For Axioms

What used to be, often changes for the better, but the exploration for axioms can though, stop good and mediocre yields; here are some axioms that MNPG has determined as being useful for the promotion of innovative exercise: Continuity through evolution is the core of MNPG. Playing to win-win; where there is an opportunity to do so, […]

Real-time Digital and Post-Blockchain Mathematical Obversion

Post Digital and Blockchain, there could be many various routes of technological invention and innovation. But the reality is, they are going to probably stem from these breakthrough avenues of centralised and decentralised network protocols. What really becomes interesting is how these vantages play out as a measure of pre-existence. For MNPG, these are the […]

An Old World and the New Universe

Every so often, worlds collide and new universes form. But how can that happen without detracting from the traction and momentum that was already built? With some ingenuity and innovation that best fit the spectrum of collective development and the independence that drives the entrepreneurial spirit, the notion that a new universe is not possible, […]

The Year of Merging For the Vertical, Horizontal & Conglomerate

After 12 years of inception, MNPG and its related product and service have forged a new program for design, Conglomerate One. Using a relatively new merging practise, of combining the vertical, horizontal and conglomerate assets, together, while retaining control of both ulterior properties, within Conglomerate One, and outside, and relinquishing control of newly adjacent Digital […]

What Happens After Innovation?

Why certain methodologies gain traction is up to the market force to determine if it really is applicable to be of value. The issue then becomes what happens after a century long hold of something like innovation? In this case, it can be difficult to know, as innovation is a form of thinking that has […]

New Zealand’s Blockchain, Today

The opportunity for New Zealand to become the Crypto-Valley of the Southern Hemisphere is clear. With a supportive Australasian environment, as well as a global-first approach to entrepreneurship, the incentives to become a leader in the new decentralised internet are there. What is needed is a more vocal representation from existing ventures, and the commitment […]

Acclimating to Consensus

In complex ecosystems, arriving in agreement, can take time, or an understanding can be ushered in overnight. Most times, this is part of the play that is always needed in getting movement towards the delivering of an outcome. What is often negated, is that sometimes, participants are unprepared for an opposing argument, because of a […]

Movement Fantastic

While not a typical understanding, it has become clear; the rate of productivity is not held by the amount of posits made or hours spent, but by the miracle of market acceptance that tells a product or service that the people are ready to participate. This can really happen at anytime and also on an […]

Adjacent Improvement

There is always something to refine, or for that matter, take away. Moving towards the side, can help shift beams of effort in the correct direction. The question then becomes what should be the focus of this new improvement? Could it be the core of the inner being? Futures yet to be decided? The course […]

Call for Solutions 2017

The MNPG Ideation Bank Problems 2015 Challenge was for the improvement of railway. The Problems 2017 Challenge is for designers to create a better, ergonomic way, for working. You can learn more here.