Cultivating Thought Leadership For the Exponentially Minded

Most organisations need leadership to thrive, if not all. In the innovation and reinvention space, it has become substantively important for the thought leader to be grown to understand that when you reach a certain aspect of scale, the exponential and the elemental mind that is part of that movement, should be of the wider reality. It can be difficult to obtain such a thought process, but when it happens, the landscape of the likelihood for the potential for growth couldn’t be a closer possibility of reaching the fantastic. MNPG has been a proponent of this wave of understanding since its beginning, but what has changed, is the reason of why up and to the up direction, is the only course that matters for the improvement of variability. To individuals and the networks that are a part, it can be asked, what is the destination, and should there be an end to the means of this ultimate shift in mentality? Cultivating this aspect of thinking, is a challenge, but with some study and new avenues of peripherality, getting to the exponential is possible.

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