De-distribution of Aligned Curated Sovereign Architecture

What is a sovereign architecture? This has been in question for as long as history has been in existence. Most developmental alignments have only been able to be viewed by photographic travellers and through traditional accordances. The architecture that MNPG has been governing with its incorporation innovations and intangiblity, has been solely purposed for ongoing improvement and the preservation of related knowledge banks and their related fields. What architects do not need is a false distribution of their prowess, as they are the leaders of society when aligned with correct arithmetic. There are not too many organisational fields that promote such a performant, but we can only hope that with some advantageous community encapsulation, that humanity will continue to reach for the stars, and to space explorations. Thanks to modern technology, there are many new avenues for creativity in what was curated sovereignty, but inventive architecture is to be discovered, and possibly to be enshrined as administered by developers in various locales.

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