This is the space for continuing research on the MNPG Digital and Blockchain Theory:

Token and Atoken Dynamics With Parity

Parity Token Theory

Every token has an additional token that it is eventually paired with. Whether or not this token is of any value to the success of outside tokens is up for debate. But the parallel arbitration of two tokens being aligned is of substantial significance. Without a parity, there is nothing for comparison and nothing that can define a separate token’s existence. This is the basis of of parity token theory. For each unique and weighted performance, there is another variable subset of differential questionability that can prove the stake of monetary, fiat and quite possibly precious metallic fortitude.

MNPG Limited Token

The MNPG Limited token is best suited for the banking benchmark of knowledge and the stability that is attached with the security of having an aphysical piece of the puzzle that is designed for nothing else than preserving the overarching encompass that is a part of the Company’s existence. Much like traditional Conglomerates and newer Mini-Conglomerates alike have done throughout time, there is a something that is measured of equal, if not more value than what could be achieved in the Digital or Blockchain space alone and without such a token.

merchantW Token

The merchantW token has the purpose of representing design commerce in the market. What it does is that it serves as a meaning for the various stages of buying and selling value. This process happens through a Blockchain infrastructural coordination that provides the ability of movement for exchange to happen within the merchantW structure itself. How this occurs is up to natural and unnatural fluctuations that are governed through merchantW. With the understanding that design is the core of all creative and technical abstraction, this token shapes existing and future innovation for everyone that interacts with it.

The Isolated Design and Conglomerate One Atoken

The Isolated Design and Conglomerate One atoken do not have any value, but to merely be a placeholder for game development and for merging what was entrepreneurial activity. In Isolated Design, because of the nature of the presented environment, it is impossible to have a token in parity with the active players. In Conglomerate One, the organisation could not facilitate a dynamic token that would be a fair approach to parity, as not all mergers are created equal. The reasons that these atokens do however have value is because without them, the underlying economics that drive the space, would not have a proper toolkit.