Ephemeral Outliers and the Rise of the Platitudinal Org

It has been ages since MNPG formed, but as it developed for long form organisational success, there have been many well thought out institutional and private entrepreneurial ventures that have been viewed for further indice placement. There isn’t a better way to know about that range for the modern innovator than to create their own personal monetary and informational wealth, than starting a business, from the beginning. What is difficult however, is for the typical globalist to understand that it can be also acceptable for sub-organisations to be a part of a larger Mini-Conglomerate & Universe. This is why the IM-C&UO (Initial Mini-Conglomerate & Universe Offering) model has been released for new participants to grow. With the right tools that MNPG offers, new value can flow in many fluent directions. This can happen by the acceptance that it can be good to take part in an Operating System that isn’t proprietary. With some labour and ingenuity, the possibilities for reaching the exponential are endless.

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