MNPG Feature: A Century of Innovation?

Why do companies insist that they need to innovate? Because this emphasizes the emptiness that can be voided if there is enough inventiveness with the right collaborative functions, in a swift period, to an unsought outcome. Could this be the century of innovation? We’ve already become aware of 3D printing on the moon, the emergence of the Internet of Things, day shipping and life extension at your door. The real question, is how do the people decide to interact and choose what best suits them? With some ingenuity, a new paradigm will probably become to be. Could be open innovation, but likely this will take the form of the Singularity, and the learning capabilities that go beyond the dreams of current sharing. Going to be so magnificent that there will be no buzz word to describe this phenomenon. Could be a feeling. With this tide, technology will not be something to consider as an adaptation. A new place to live for. MNPG is going to be there for this change. But while this is happening and yet to be discovered, we’ll keep on with this innovation thing.

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