MNPG Feature: Digital Management in a New Era

With the information age catching up to society, there is a lot of room for progress. The prosperity of firms and consumer life are creating a sense that there are many instruments to help increase the implications of digital. What we are experiencing is a newly established cusp that keeps approaching towards elevated transformation. Digital management couldn’t be farther from traditional schools of thought. They are the blocks that hold the internet and things together, but what is needed is education and practice that is relevant to today’s advances. This could be through providing leaner managerial resources, or with a more humane approach. What is important is that the strides that are being made, are kept up with from a teaching and learning perspective. To think that there are programs that just facilitate modern digital management couldn’t be farther from what is actually happening. There are blended and semi-effective portals, but not often enough are there places that go to what is happening, in tandem with practical solutions that move initiative forward. This could be too optimistic, but the changes that are taking place require present digital management that works with shifting industry, academia, while allowing for benefits that can pace with structural norms.

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