MNPG Feature: Getting the Product Right

There is a lot of talk about how to manage a product effectively. Whether this is with an understanding of the customer or the case of design, it is certain that that what dictates profits, is determined by people. This may seem moot, but there is so much attention toward computronics that to look past the human element can lead to failure. Failure of a product doesn’t mean that the product wasn’t right, just that there should be some trimming to be done. You might say that well, shouldn’t a new feature be created or replaced? No, because what was manufactured has great value in that is has become real. To go back would allow that effort to be strained. Lean thinking, talking to the audience, agile, scrum. These methodologies could in fact help measure why the product is not working, but they won’t tell you how the product came to be a hit. Let’s say it is known that the consumer has grabbed onto the value so much so they told their friends. Can it really be analyzed into what made them do that? Be it stakes or for fun, build enough, and the product will work with the acceptance and benefits with that of a harvestable company.

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