MNPG Storytelling and the Moral of the Story

The moral of the story for MNPG is something that may never be written about in someone else’s book. And what has been told in this story, the MNPG story, is online, on the web, and available for viewing with its Director, and Founder, Ian Tyner, who has published every single instance related to MNPG and MNPG Limited and its trees. This story may never end, and the truth of the matter is that, the stories of tomorrow are why storyboarding, which later became blueprinting, once the blueprint was innovated upon, which did not have a proprietary author, so that a new blueprint could be written, by me, and remembered before other “blueprints” were known, and then other prints for new stories could be told, to improve the space, and how the ink dried, when the air cleared, and spoken about, as the rest became history.

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