Movement Fantastic

While not a typical understanding, it has become clear; the rate of productivity is not held by the amount of posits made or hours spent, but by the miracle of market acceptance that tells a product or service that the people are ready to participate. This can really happen at anytime and also on an ongoing basis, but is most recognisable when there is a fit between domain expertise and knowledge known by the greater universe. However, these are just facets of digital dynamism. When this chord is struck, depending on the scope of the action, the results can be tremendous. Just as secondaries begin to make a move towards being a part, the execution has already happened. Now it is on to the next stage of development, and hopefully, whoever is conducting, keeps a solid tune. But memory can serve as a false precursor. Often, the tasks that seem menial, are really the most important, because it is with the precision of the normal, that abnormal results can start to manifest. What expectations do you have that are going to drive the unreachable to becoming that of realised value?

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