New Zealand’s Blockchain, Today

The opportunity for New Zealand to become the Crypto-Valley of the Southern Hemisphere is clear. With a supportive Australasian environment, as well as a global-first approach to entrepreneurship, the incentives to become a leader in the new decentralised internet are there. What is needed is a more vocal representation from existing ventures, and the commitment by newer founders to help create a whole new world of exponential growth. All that is required is a batch of success stories in the same relative vicinity that can propel the entire region’s trajectory skyward. It is still very early days, but it is necessary to continue to execute upon this path of community and international cooperation in the Blockchain space. There is however no need to try to architect such a movement, as it has already happened beyond what is available on the world-wide-web, however we can all play our own role in making that a wider-reality for those that have not become aware of the critical possibility that New Zealand is the go-to market for this decade and beyond in this part of the sphere, for distributed ledger technologies across verticals and beyond.

About the author: mnpg1