How does a new idea become real? When does execution surpass development cost? Who is a value creator and who is not? These are questions that have always been in the air for people that are on the quest to better understand originations and their origins. The beginning of a thought may have already occurred, or it may have not. Getting to better comprehend why something is conceived, and what that means for futures is very important. What is more important however, is the possibility of a successful adaptation that arises and the many failures that don’t. It does though have to always have a clear cut benchmark to go by, to fully learn the ability to teach what an origination has meant, and is going to mean. As first taught, what becomes a belief system, and the farther manifestations of that story-line, all eventually merge to a single point. This point is rarely seen, but when it is visible, it is possible to be accustomed with an origination and origin. Using sophisticated methodologies often can help, but what really is an assist-able measure, is time, and the tools that help manufacture time, to best assemble the accordances that help make the shift in space quantifiable for those that might want to rediscover what an origin is. For Digital and Blockchain and the next tide of technological evolution, the origination of invention may occur on the backs of workers and the innovations that facilitate the networks that purportedly and systematically create the infrastructure of new market value. What does this mean for explorers, developers, and humans of yesteryear? This can only be made possible for a newer origination, that has not been possible until possibility futures make an impact on the brain and the eyes that could interpret such a pre-beginning.