The Age of Motion

Things tend to stay the same, or that’s least how it was. The speed of development in technology and in human progress, is accelerating. What was made of dreams, is now the norm. The new normal. But like any paradigm shift, there are challenges. What form of education engages, while stays effective? What quantifiable means are there to creating a better society? There are many unknown questions and apparent solutions, but the real issue is to what extent are humans going to live on? And there are times of flux, and phases of enlightenment, however, it is critical to stay in the present when new ideas and adhered practice, leads to that next step of innovation. Because that is what is needed most, not another buzz worthy work initiative, but actual guidance by the student and for the teacher, which could by in itself, not be a mentionable reflection, but progress in motion.

About the author: mnpg1