The Year of Merging For the Vertical, Horizontal & Conglomerate

After 12 years of inception, MNPG and its related product and service have forged a new program for design, Conglomerate One. Using a relatively new merging practise, of combining the vertical, horizontal and conglomerate assets, together, while retaining control of both ulterior properties, within Conglomerate One, and outside, and relinquishing control of newly adjacent Digital and Blockchain ventures that interact with the organisation, in the never-ending process of creating market value that reaches the exponential. The idea with Conglomerate One is that it serves as a model for MNPG Limited and periphery enterprise, both in and outside New Zealand. As an explorative course of action, MNPG is to forever be the core of itself, however, Conglomerate One, is ultimately the all encompassing branch of delivery for MNPG Limited value. How is Conglomerate One going to benchmark growth for the entrepreneur, SME and other conglomerates? This is going to be all discovered in the year of 2018.

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