What Happens After Innovation?

Why certain methodologies gain traction is up to the market force to determine if it really is applicable to be of value. The issue then becomes what happens after a century long hold of something like innovation? In this case, it can be difficult to know, as innovation is a form of thinking that has taken account of the different thought processes that would be of competition. MNPG is aware of the limitations, but the real question then is, how does and should a newer way of creating value become to be? Because of the fragility of modernity, only when a better idea arrives, is there going to be such a shift. The shift could materialise at a scale like emerging technologies, or it could take the entire duration of human-kind to understand how to actually work with a whole new activity. What that is, is yet to be determined, but it is certain that something else is to be the next innovation for innovation.

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